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What is bentonite?

A rock formed by weathering of a basalt parent rock with very good sorptive and elastic properties. It is primarily used as insulation and a bentonite sealing agent for sealing the permeation (penetration) of water in ground and water structures. By molecular expansion it absorbs water, thus increasing its volume several times. We use pressure to process the rock and produce bentonite tapes, liners and other unique sealing products. It is an environment-friendly product.

What can bentonite be used for?

  • For highly efficient waterproofing of ground, civil engineering and water structures
  • For grouting in hard-to-reach joints in concrete walls
  • For the reconstruction and repair of sewer connections and pipes
  • For rehabilitation of masonry and concrete structures
  • For construction and repair of ponds, wells and garden lagoons

Universal use of bentonite in all areas of waterproofing

Are you looking for an optimal solution for waterproofing buildings? Thanks to their unique properties, bentonite-based sealing systems provide perfect protection against water penetration. Our e-shop offers a wide range of bentonite sealing products suitable for use in ground, civil engineering and water structures. Do you need advice on waterproofing a substructure, grouting a stone wall or redeveloping a sewer pipe with unique bentonite products? Contact us.