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Waterproofing against running and pressurised water

Waterproofing prevents the unwanted penetration of water into any building. Waterproofing protects buildings from underground, surface, leakage and pressurised or gravity water. Our company produces and supplies bentonite sealing systems, strips, sheets, sealants or bentonite Eurobent liners for waterproofing buildings, house foundations, flat roofs, etc. Not only do we supply bentonite sealing products, but we are also involved in the repair of lakes, water works and the redevelopment of old mine works. Looking for products suitable for waterproofing or need help with bentonite waterproofing for your project? Contact us. We will be happy to help you.

Dvousložkové injektážní čerpadlo Two-component injection pump

Injektážní systém s příslušenstvím Injection system with accessories

Injektáž betonového uzlu Injection of a concrete joint

Bentonitový těsnící tmel MQ100 Master Bentonite sealant MQ100 Master

Realizace pokládky bentonitové rohožeRealization of laying bentonite mat

Řešení ohybu těsnícího plechu MQG MQG sealing sheet bending solution

Big Bag granulovaný bentonit Big Bag granulated bentonite