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We sell systems for grouting both masonry and foundations

If there are tectonic faults or failures in concrete structures, grouting is required. Water leaks are stopped by pressure grouting, a grouting medium injected into the disturbed masonry. Such grouting of masonry is normally carried out at distances of eight to twelve metres. Our company provides services related to grouting of masonry or concrete. We sell the complete MQ Duo – injekt grouting system to seal joints, including consultancy. Are you planning to perform dual protection by grouting masonry or foundations? Take a look at the products in our e-shop.

MQUF 20x25mm Bentonitový těsnící pás s prodlouženou dobou bobtnání a injektážní hadičkouChecking the filling of the injection node

kontrola naplnění injektážního uzluInjection two-component pump

Injektážní dvousložkové čerpadloInjection of a concrete node

Injektování betonového uzluMQUF 20x25mm Bentonite sealing strip with extended swelling time and injection tube