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Bentonite sealing strips

Bentonite sealing strips

Bentonite tapes are ideal for sealing working joints, partition joints and wall penetrations in ground, engineering and water structures. They feature simple and quick mounting.

When to use a bentonite sealing tape?

  • To seal working joints between concrete slabs and vertical walls.
  • To seal working joints where two materials come into contact, e.g., concrete-to-concrete, stone-to-concrete or steel-to-concrete
  • To seal contact joints between steel pipes and concrete bodies, for example, in swimming pools, sedimentation tanks, reservoirs, etc.
  • To seal joints in tunnels, dams, water management structures, including drinking water tanks.

What are the technical properties of bentonite insulation strips?

  • A bentonite sealing strip is an elastic bentonite-based profile that has been especially developed for sealing waterproof joints.
  • Thanks to its chemical composition, the strip has the ability to expand when in contact with water – increasing its volume by up to 200%. This creates safe protection against water, including pressurised water. It reliably seals hairline cracks as well. This is even true in aggressive and waste waters.

How to use modified strip?

  • Do not apply the sealing strip to surfaces with standing water present. Water must be completely removed from the surface.
  • Lay the sealing strip on the underlying concrete surface to ensure perfect contact with the substrate. Bentonite sealing cement can be used for alignment. Then place the reinforcing liner and fix with steel studs in intervals of approx. 25 cm.
  • Concreting may be carried out immediately after the sealing strip is placed.
  • The minimum thickness of concrete above the MQ sealing strip is 7 cm.

Basic size range of MQ series bentonite sealing tapes


Designation Dimensions Colour Length Packaging/cardboard box Pieces/pallet
MQ 10 23 x 18 mm black 5 m 8 pcs 18 cardboard boxes/ 720 m
MQ 13 20 x 15 mm black 5 m 8 pcs 18 cardboard boxes/ 720 m
MQ 14 10 x 15 mm black 8 m 12 pcs 18 cardboard boxes/ 1728 m
MQ 20 20 x 25 mm black 5 m 8 pcs 18 cardboard boxes/ 720 m
MQ 114 150 x 1.5 mm black 1 roll 5 m, 10 m,
maximum 20 m


All bentonite tape sizes are also produced with MQF protective film. This film prolongs the tapes response when in contact with water.


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