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ERGELIT grouting and redeveloping mortars

ERGELIT mortar mixtures used in waterproofing procedures by MEDIUM are cement-bonded, organic and inorganic additive-treated mortars that have high water permeability, adhesiveness and adhesion to other materials. For the professional execution of redevelopment works and the use of all the quality grades of ERGELIT materials, precise preparation of the redeveloped areas, observance of technological procedures during the application of materials and also subsequent treatment of the redeveloped areas immediately after the completion of the works are necessary.

What are the features of ERGELIT waterproofing mortars?

  • Volume stability and high initial and final strength
  • Resistance to corrosion caused by sewage effluent with pH 3.5-12
  • Resistance to highly aggressive chemical environments according to EN 206 (exposure class XA3)
  • Resistance to abrasion and dynamic stress
  • Waterproof and highly adhesive
  • Resistance to frost and salt

Would you like advice on which repair mortar to choose from our wide range of mortar mixtures for redevelopment? Contact us.

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