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EUROBENT bentonite sealing liners

EUROBENT bentonite sealing liners

Bentonite liners are used whenever a structure needs to be sealed. Mineral sealant at the bottom or top seal of waste dumps or water works (ponds, lakes, retention tanks) can be completely or partially replaced by bentonite liner.

What are the advantages of the EUROBENT sealing liners?

  • To seal landfills, tanks, canals, tanks, biotopes or compost heaps, for example
  • They contain an absorbent clay mineral with high sealing capacity (bentonite) that binds the surrounding soil moisture
  • Due to the structure of the absorption capacity of bentonite liner, it swells, thus ensuring a high waterproofing capacity of the bentonite liner.
  • The sealing liner is available in three variants.
    • Bentonite content per m2. a) 3,500 g/m2, b) 4,000 g/m2, c) 5,000 g/m2.

What are the advantages of double bentonite sealing liners?

  • Double bentonite liners (DBR) are insulators comprising two additional sealing components that optimally complement each other – dual protection.
  • The primary sealant is polyethylene film (PE) with the thickness of 0.2, 0.6 to 1.2 mm, applied to geotextile; the secondary sealant is high-quality bentonite.
  • Double bentonite liners substitute all types of sealing materials used in civil engineering, such as bitumen strips or plastic sealing strips of all kinds, etc.

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Displayed 2 items