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FLEXIS cable ducts

Flexis cable ducts provide sufficient protection of cables against mechanical damage, backfill pressure loads and loads above the backfill. They also stop moisture and pressurised groundwater. These are multi-purpose cable ducts suitable for laying many types of energy distribution lines in a single protection system. The principle of the FlexiS® cable duct design is integration of multiple HDPE (high-density polyethylene) protective tube pipes.

What are the advantages of the FLEXIS cable duct?

  • The modular system is assembled from the individual components directly on the installation site.
  • Practical applications underground, in collectors, suspended structures, bridging uneven terrain, roads or watercourses.
  • Application length per joint – from 1 m to 12 m, longer lengths possible.
  • Thanks to its dividers (individual tubes), the cable duct is divided into the appropriate number of longitudinally arranged spaces/chambers, which are interconnected by connectors.
  • Variability and flexibility for individual project requirements and practical use.
  • Meets all requirements for products included in the product system approved for use by Správa železniční dopravní cesty (Railway infrastructure manager).

Do you need help with laying the FLEXIS cable duct? Contact us.

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