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Granulated bentonite for waterproofing

Granulated bentonite granulate – (0.5 to 2 mm) for waterproofing of ecological buildings, substructures or sealing of garden lagoons, ponds and well structures. The backfill of granulated bentonite creates a natural impermeable waterproofing layer.

What are the properties of the MQ Bento granulate?

  • Sorptive capacity to capture
    • odour vapour and air humidity;
    • spilled oils and other fluids;
    • improves the earth resistance of grounding systems;
    • liquid fractions from livestock bedding.
  • Reclamation properties
    • To fertilise sandy soils and surfaces
    • As an additive for mineral fertilisers, where it prevents their seepage into the subsoil while preventing crusting of the fertiliser during storage
    • To balance the moisture regime of soil substrates used to grow plants
  • Sealing capacity
    • Sealing of buildings and dams of water basins (wells, sumps) against ingress of surface water
    • Sealing of dams and minor seepage cracks to prevent water leakage
    • To ensure subsoil impermeability of parking, storage and assembly areas with the risk of release of harmful substances in the ground water


Do you need advice on waterproofing underground structures or sealing a garden lagoon? Contact us.