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Grouting waterproofing

MQDuo-injekt grouting systems

MQDuo-injekt is an active combination of two proven waterproofing systems in a concrete structure. Bentonite sealing tape 20x25 mm with grouting tubing in one product. This combination reliably solves the waterproofing of working joints in monolithic building structures. The standard active length of the MQDuo-inject system is 8 m, upon customer request even 12 m.

Grouting tubing IHQ 12/6 type

This grouting waterproofing is used to seal working joints in monolithic and prefabricated building structures. IHQ 12/6 grouting tubing is used in working or expansion joints alone or in combination with sealing sheets, bentonite tapes. They can also be used for multiple grouting.

What are the advantages of the IHQ 12/6, IHS 12/6 and IHS 18/10 grouting tubing technology?

  • Multiple grouting with the IHQ 12/6 typeInjektáž spáry[4].jpg
  • After being concreted in, the sufficient cross-section of the conveying channel and outlet openings decreases inner friction of the grout and allows for an economical length of grouting.
  • The inner size of the IHS 18/10 grouting tubing allows for three times longer grouting sections.
  • Easy handling and installation
  • Grouting material outlet is secured on all sides
  • Outlet openings lead conically from the inside out, which means there is little resistance to be overcome.
  • The smooth surface prevents unwanted connections between the grouting tubing and concrete
  • Easy installation even after several years (smooth surface does not facilitate encrustation of the tubing in concrete).
  • Very good performance and cost ratio.

Not sure which grouting tubing to choose? Are you interested in the price of masonry insulation by grouting? Contact us.