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MLP – polymer sealing tapes

Swelling MLP sealing profiles are used as an active system to seal working joints. When in contact with water, these tapes increase their volume, thus preventing water penetration. Unlike bentonite sealing strips, polymer sealing tape, when not attacked by water or moisture, will return to its original size, even repeatedly.

When to use polymer sealing strip?

Polymerove tesneni v praxi

  • As an active sealing system for working joints in monolithic buildings and precast concrete
  • It is also suitable for drinking water environments
  • Sealing of chemicals

What are the technical characteristics?

  • The basic component is acrylate polymers
  • When in contact with water, the swelling sealing tape increases its volume up to three times
  • The corresponding pressure seals the joint, thus preventing water ingress
  • After drying, it returns to its original size

How to use polymer sealing tape?

  • Apply to a clean surface free of dirt
  • For horizontal joints, smooth the substrate for laying the MLP sealing tape immediately after concrete pouring
  • Fix MLP tape either mechanically or with mounting adhesive
  • The polymer tape must be attached along the entire length of the sub-base

Do you need advice on sealing working joints with a polymer sealing strip? Contact us.